Potential urban and market towns site allocations

What does this map show?

The map shows the potential urban and market town site allocations that are proposed that can deliver homes and other uses over the plan period. We would welcome your views on these site allocations as part of this Phase 3 public consultation. For more information on this we recommend you read Section 4 Urban Areas and Market Towns.

What is this all about?

New development, including new homes, employment areas, shops and community facilities, happens all the time within our urban areas, and market towns, as individual sites and buildings are redeveloped. This is allowed for in national planning policy and in our current Local Plan. There are existing policies to manage these developments to avoid negative impacts on neighbours, harm to the environment, and to achieve high-quality design.

In our new Local Plan, we will continue to manage this type of development. However, national policy now says that in the most sustainable locations, around town centres, high streets and public transport hubs, we must make the best use of brownfield land by optimising the density of new development.

The new Local Plan needs to make sure we do this without compromising quality of life for existing and new residents. To do this we support an approach which makes the most effective use of land and where the density of urban and market town development sites are optimised to achieve more well-designed homes or businesses. You can view the Phase 2 public consultation information on this approach by clicking here. Our new Local Plan, can also ‘allocate’ areas of land for new development. This land would still need to obtain planning permission, but allocating sites for development in a Local plan helps everyone understand that the principle of a type and scale of development would be acceptable.

In our Phase 3 consultation we are sharing potential urban and market town sites for allocation of 1,540 new homes, including space for enhanced community and health facilities. Many of the potential urban and market town allocations which were previously consulted on in the Phase 2 consultation are still included in this Phase 3 consultation, while others have fallen away. You can view the previous sites which were consulted on in the Phase 2 public consultation here. The potential site allocations shown on this map could provide some of the homes we need by making the best use of land in the most sustainable locations. We need to understand how much development might be possible in our urban areas and market towns before suggesting growth and changes in other parts of South Gloucestershire.

In this Phase 3 Local Plan consultation we are

  • Asking for your views on 15 potential site allocations within our urban areas and market towns. Each site has been promoted to the council for a particular use, and this is shown on the map.
  • We are also sharing 2 sites where there are options to allocate for different uses and identifying where a choice must be made where some sites are suggested forhousing, or for the retention of current protection for employment and economic uses.

How do I get started?

Click on the map below to get started. You can look at any of the potential site allocations on the map.

You can select each individual site by clicking on it on the map. You can then find further information by clicking the green tab ‘Find out more and comment’, which is in the top left corner.

More detailed information relating to each site will then pop-up, including specific development considerations for that site and more general analysis of the site’s context. There is a tab at the bottom of the information table which allows you to make comments on that site.

Please note that the development considerations are not an exhaustive list of all relevant planning policy or issues for each site and are for consultation purposes at this stage. They are intended to reflect the high-level assessment undertaken to date from the information available. Further considerations and issues may be raised throughout this process and during any future application process. Any site that progresses to adoption or is subject to a future planning application must consider all relevant adopted planning policy across the entire local plan.

Planning Status

The sites, designations and information shown on this map is part of our Phase 3 (Regulation 18) consultation, are not ‘adopted’ and carry limited weight in determination of any plan-ning application until the new Local Plan is adopted.

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