Strategic Green Infrastructure Network

What does this map show?

This map shows our proposed Strategic Green Infrastructure (GI) Network consisting of nine corridors. It also shows proposed Strategic Viewpoints and Visually Important Hillsides.

As part of our Phase 3 document, we are consulting on whether these should be designated in our new Local Plan. You can read more about our approach to Strategic Green Infrastructure Network, the Viewpoints and Hillsides in our Phase 3 consultation document here.

What is this all about?

We want to share and invite comments on an updated Strategic Green Infrastructure (GI) Network, which would be designated in 9 Green infrastructure Corridors as part of the new Local Plan. These corridors will be a key consideration in a new strategic policy which will sit alongside a number of saved Local Plan policies which will continue to protect existing designated sites.

This approach will protect the integrity of the network but also facilitate appropriate change and development within it, so that homes, jobs, infrastructure, biodiversity, recreation, and adaptation to climate change can be planned for and sympathetically co-exist well into the future. The proposed Strategic Green Infrastructure Network does not stop or protect all land within it from development. Although there will be protected sites, areas of landscape and designated assets within the network, in other areas new development and change will be possible. As long as the integrity and function of the corridors and network remains and strategic connections between nearby green and blue assets are maintained and enhanced.

Alongside the 9 Strategic GI Corridors, we have set out Strategic Viewpoints and Visually Important Hillsides which we also want to designate in our new Local Plan. These also would be key consideration in future planning policy to shape the location and quality of future development.

You can also view the technical evidence and methodologies which have informed these proposed designations on our Local Plan evidence base page.

How do I get started?

When you click on the map you will be given the option of viewing all the information, or choosing on the sidebar to view either the Strategic Green Infrastructure Network and corridors, or the Strategic Viewpoints and Visually Important Hillsides.

Please click on the point or corridor of interest to comment. A summary of the Strategic GI Corridors, Key Strategic Viewpoints, and Visually Important Hillsides is given.

You can then comment by clicking on the green tab ‘Comment’ which will be under the summary.

Planning Status

The proposed boundaries and designations shown on this map are part of our Phase 3 (Regulation 18) consultation, are not ‘adopted’. They carry limited weight in determination of any planning application until the new Local Plan is adopted.

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