Emerging Preferred Strategy

What does the map show?

The map shows the sites we are currently proposing that could form the emerging preferred strategy. 

The map also displays some strategic points that we think are important to consider. This is not an exhaustive list, however, and we recommend viewing the full chapter here to understand all the strategic considerations.

What is this all about?

On this map we share our emerging thoughts on what we think the ‘preferred strategy’ for homes, jobs, change and protection is starting to look like. For more information on how we have come to this as our emerging preferred strategy including the role of our urban areas and market towns, we recommend you read Chapter 5 Towards an Emerging Preferred Strategy.

This emerging preferred strategy is the first time we have shared how we intend to approach the challenge of selecting the locations for future housing and employment development. There is still more work to do, including taking account of the views expressed through the consultation process and considering further evidence. 

At this stage it is important all stakeholders are clear that although the council is indicating an emerging preferred strategy, no final decisions on the places, sites and level of development overall or for each specific place have been made.

Moreover, given the fact that some sites have been identified and others have not, this does not mean individual sites shown in this section can be given any weight and status in the assessment of planning applications coming before the council at this stage.

How do I get started?

Click on the map below to get started. You can look at any of the sites we explored on the map.

You can select each individual site by clicking on the map. You can then comment on the individual site by clicking on the green tab ‘Comment on this site’ which is under the site information. 

Alternatively, you can comment on the Emerging Preferred Strategy as a whole, by clicking ‘Comment on the emerging preferred strategy’ which is located on the bottom right of the map. 

Planning Status

Each site has information including development considerations. The development considerations are not an exhaustive list of all relevant planning policy or issues for each site and are for consultation purposes at this stage. They are intended to reflect the key points raised through the high-level assessment undertaken to date, with the information available. Further issues may be identified throughout this process and during any future application process which would be further considered as required. 

View and comment on the emerging preferred strategy