What does the map show?

This map shows the areas proposed to be allocated through the Local Plan as ‘Preferred Areas’ - areas of known resources where planning permission might reasonably be anticipated.

What is this all about?

We are seeking your views on our proposed approach to planning for a sufficient supply of minerals to provide the infrastructure, buildings, energy and goods that the country needs, as required by national planning policy.

With this in mind, we are proposing the extension of Tytherington and Wickwar quarries and the re-commencing of working at Cromhall (which has been inactive for a number of years) through allocating a number of ‘preferred areas’, and you can comment on these individual areas using the instructions below.

You can read more about our proposed approach in the minerals section of the Phase 3 Local Plan consultation document.

As part of this, we are also seeking your views on a draft high level strategic policy on minerals.

How do I get started?

Click on the map below to get started. You can look at any of the areas we are proposing to be allocated on the map.

You can select each individual site by clicking on it on the map. You can then comment on the individual site by clicking on the green tab ‘Comment on this site’ which will be under the site information.

Planning Status

The sites, designations and information shown on this map is part of our Phase 3 (Regulation 18) consultation, are not ‘adopted’ and carry limited weight in determination of any planning application until the new Local Plan is adopted.

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